Midnight Shores


Co-ranks are skills that your character develops outside of caring for the pack - it is their 'specialty', so to speak. Characters can have more than one co-rank, and one co-rank can be owned by more than one character.

Obtaining a Co-Rank

To earn a co-rank, you must complete two threads pertaining to your co-rank skill - for example, a character pursuing the 'medic' co-rank could submit one thread where he bandages a packmate's wound, and another thread where he is tending to medical herbs. The co-rank skill must be the focus of the thread (i.e. Wolf heals Coyote over the span of five posts whilst talking to him (good!); Wolf heals Coyote in one post and it is not mentioned again (bad!))

All threads must follow our completion rules. Once you have completed those two threads, feel free to submit them to leadership with the following form!

[b]Desired Co-Rank:[/b] What co-rank you want
[b]Related Threads:[/b][list]
[*] [url=THREAD LINK]TITLE[/url] - Description of what was done
[*] [url=THREAD LINK]TITLE[/url] - Description of what was done
[b]Current WC:[/b] TOTAL WORD COUNT over TOTAL POSTS[/list]

Want a co-rank, but don't like any of the ones listed below? Complete your two threads for a custom co-rank of your choice, and it will be given to you and added to the list!



The hunters track herds and are in charge of leading pack hunts. They also may hunt solo to keep the pack’s food stores up to date.


The guardians of the pack ensure its safety by defending it against wrongdoers, and serve as the first line of defense in battle.


Scouts patrol the borders of the pack to prevent trespassers from entering, and freshen up the scent markers so that outsiders know that the land is claimed.


The envoys deal with pack relations. They may meet with other pack ambassadors and leaders in lieu of the Centauri, organize trading trips, and negotiate friendships or even alliances.


Medics help heal the sick, wounded, or old. They should know various herbs and their uses, and may also act as a midwife to those giving birth.


Wranglers are adept at capturing wild animals, namely horses, and breaking them so they can be integrated into the pack’s livestock. They work with the wild horse herds in the Northern Wildwood.


The shepherds maintain and care for the captive animals of the Shores, and collect product from them (such as eggs from chickens, or wool from sheep).


The gardeners tend to the crops and gardens of Midnight Shores. They are knowledgeable about different types of plants, and ensure that the plant stocks are up to date.


Sailors are adept at sailing, handling the canoes, and steering the smaller boats that Midnight Shores owns. They should be familiar with the strait, and know the safest path to get to the mainland.


The masons help repair old, deteriorating buildings and lighthouses around Midnight Shores, and also helps erect new ones.


The fisherman takes advantage of the island's location and makes it his duty to catch plenty of different kinds of fish and sea creatures for the pack to eat.


A navigator should know where everything is in relation to landmarks and packs. They should be able to read the stars to navigate, and should also be adept at tracking.


The scholar concerns themself with knowledge - whether it be war and battle strategies, social wisdom, or inventive knowledge. They share their wisdom with the rest of the pack, and teach pups the basics of life.


The merchant deals in the trading and collecting of wares. He or she should also keep careful stock of Midnight Shores's current items in inventory.


The artisan creates works of art - whether they be paintings, poems, music, woodwork, or other forms of art. They can also help decorate for ceremonies or parties, and help 'beautify' Midnight Shores.

Master of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies conducts parties and other organized events within Midnight Shores. He or she can be in charge of directing or calling gatherings, or just starting them, and encouraging everyone to have a good time!


The spiritualist is knowledgeable about various kinds of spirituality, and can act as the pack's therapist when members have problems, or religious issues.


The librarian is the keeper of the books in Province House's library, and may also acquire new books to add to the collection.


The chronicler writes down the events that happen in the pack in its journal. Events that should be recorded include births, deaths, newcomers, leaving members, and larger events as well.


The distiller is in charge of making wines, ciders, moonshine, and other deliciously alcoholic beverages.

Urban Explorer

The urban explorer takes it upon themself to explore old ruins of humanity, such as cities, lighthouses, towns, buildings, etc. and scavenge things along the way.

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