Midnight Shores


These are the OOC policies of Midnight Shores. Please adhere to them, or you may be removed from the pack!

NPC Policies

Player NPC Limits

Players may have no more than 5 NPCs within Midnight Shores, regardless of how many characters he or she has within the pack.

Family NPC Limits

Families may have no more than 3 NPCs within Midnight Shores of or over the age of 6 months. A family is defined as two parents and their pups. Grandchildren, aunts, uncles, etc. are not included in this definition.

If these rules are broken, players and families will have two weeks to find a player for their NPCs, or move them off-board. Repeated breaking of this rule may result in removal from the pack.

ANPC Status

For the first month, aNPCs will remain in their current rank. After that, they are demoted one rank a month until they are at the Pollux rank.

Midnight Shores has a time limit of 6 months for any aNPCs - after this, all aNPCs will be removed, regardless of status. Exceptions to these rules may be sought from leadership.

Thread Policies

Thread Completion

For co-rank, OotM, and thread prompt purposes, a thread is considered 'complete' if you have made at least 3 posts and have written at least 1,000 words in it. You must thread with another player for these threads to count. Read-Onlys and Self-Threads are not permitted.

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