Midnight Shores


Come and Join the Pack!

Midnight Shores is open to any type of character, whether they are wolf, coyote, or dog, and whether they are Luperci or non-Luperci; the pack has no preferences. Any personality type is welcome, too, so long as they don’t cause harm.

Because Midnight Shores is on an island, a random occurence of your character happening on its territory is unlikely. However, it’s plausible that your character heard about the pack from other packs or loners near the Halcyon Mountain area, and it’s also possible that your character wanted to go to Prince Edward Island in the first place and stumbled across the pack.

The Northumberland Strait (what separates the mainland from the island) can be crossed by swimming in the summer and walking over the sea ice in the winter; Midnight Shores also has a ferry (the old ship, manned by NPCs) that takes characters to and from the island every few days! Once your character finds him or herself on the borders of Midnight Shores, he or she should howl for a member, and one will greet you promptly.

Are you interested in Midnight Shores, but don’t have a character you want to put in the pack? Check out our adoptable characters; these characters can join OOCly, and often have many ties to existing and played characters. They also might come with cool plots, so check them out!

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